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South Yorkshire Remapping and Dignostics company you can rely on

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  • Mon – Fri
    • 09:00 am – 09:00 pm
  • Saturday
    • 09:00 am – 04:00 pm
  • Sunday
    • 10:00 am – 02:00 pm
  • Engine tuning 
  • Better drivability 
  • Remove flat spots 
  • Better MPG 
  • Healthier engine 
  • DPF issues fixed 
  • Adblue issues fixed 
  • ECU cloning 
  • Spread the cost over 4 months with PaymentAssist, zero interest or fees! 
  • Genuine tools only investing £1000s to protect the customers cars
  •  Custom files used ONLY! no generic files like most companies!
  •  We may not be the cheapest but our work speaks for itself, with the confidence we will help with after care and support as much as we can

Equipped with market leading tools only.

Sometimes data transfer can go wrong, things can happen out of our control. Here is a list of some of the tools
  • Autotuner
  • KESS v2
  • FLEX full
  • MPPS
  • Galletto
  • Abrites
  • VCDS
  • ODIS
  • Bimmacode
  • Forscan
  • UCDS
  • GYSflash BSU
  • & many more

We have invested thousands into buying the best tools on the market to offer the safest and widest range of tuning, recovery and coding.

Sometimes things go wrong in tuning, any tuner that says otherwise are more than likely lieing...

We ensure our engineers are equipped and trained to recover majority of the ECUs on the market just incase something does go wrong.

What can go wrong? i will explain a few scenarios..

During the reading and writing process, the tools have unlocked the ECUs through a back door communicating with the main memory of the unit... all of sudden theres a power cut turning  off our battery stabiliser unit. This causes the ECU power to drop below 12v and ECU has shut down... No Comms, car wont start up, faults on dash at this point. 90% of mobile tuners CANNOT recover these ecus due to lack of tools or knowledge

Bench ECU Cloning

Bootmode ECU recovery

What do we offer?

We offer a wide range of tuning of all stages and emissions solutions. Below are a few options we offer

Stage 1 ECU Calibration

ECU tuning can unlock the full potential of your vehicle, improving horsepower and torque ratings, making the vehicle feel more responsive and maximising power from additional upgrades.

The procedure can also improve fuel efficiency on turbo diesels, if you take full advantage of the improved drivability and are appropriately conservative with your acceleration. Reports of up to 10% better fuel efficiency a successful ECU tuning have been documented. Getting these kinds of benefits could help with recouping any money spent on the ECU tuning in the first place, particularly if you’re planning to switch to using premium fuel.

If you’ve recently completed any modifications to your vehicle, especially the engine, the ECU data that was relevant to your vehicle’s systems may need to be updated in order to achieve optimum performance.

Gearbox TCU Calibration

Modern VAG and BMW vehicles with automatic transmissions are normally fitted with a highly advanced TCU (Transmission Control Unit). The purpose of this TCU is to monitor and control all functions of the transmission, for example, shift points and torque limiters.

This TCU communicates with the ECU supplying live real time data via the vehicles internal network. When tuning an engine with DSG / ZF6/8 transmissions it is often advisable to remap the ECU and TCU at the same time to ensure the ultimate combination of performance and functionality.

However, there can be limitations! It depends on the programmable parameters available within the TCU.

EGR -DPF -Adblue Solutions

From around 2008 -2009 most diesel vehicles were fitted with a DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) designed to reduce exhaust gas emissions by capturing the miniscule particle matter that is expelled from a vehicles exhaust.

By way of a specific catalytic filter fitted after the turbo and before the mid-section of the exhaust system, this filter is able to capture the soot that is created after the diesel fuel is burnt in the engine. A combination of carbon and nitrogen oxide (Nox) create highly toxic and poisonous pollutants which are the make-up of this soot. By using a very specific type of catalyst material and design these particles are attracted to the material used in this filter and as a result capture 90% of this soot matter. If that makes sense!

Over time this soot starts to clog up the small channels of the DPF and cause reduced power symptoms or even safe / limp mode. This mode is designed to protect the engine from any catastrophic damage. Normally a diesel engine is programmed to regenerate the DPF after a specified mileage or when a measured amount of soot is calculated by various sensors and software parameters written in the ECU. However, this regeneration process can fail for a number of reasons, the most common being short / stop / start journeys where the engine is unable to get up to full operating temperature required to enable the regeneration procedure of burning off the accumulated soot particles. Other contributory factors such as poor fuel quality, faulty sensors, intake problems, turbo failure, EGR valve (Exhaust Gas Recycling Valve) faults etc can also cause the regeneration process to fail.

Some vehicle manufacturers create a mileage specific lifespan for a DPF which will then require the costly replacement of a filter once this set mileage has been reached regardless of the physical condition of the filter itself.

We are able to offer various preventative procedures to allow your vehicle to operate efficiently and safely without any further costly repairs or unnecessary replacement parts.


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